Parking at Rhinelander-Oneida County Airport is easy to use and affordable.

Whether your trip is a few hours or a few weeks, we have parking to accommodate your needs.

Automated Parking Procedures

The parking lot is controlled by automated parking equipment. Your ticket is dispensed upon entering the parking lot. Please keep your ticket with you as you will need it to exit the parking lot upon completion of your trip. When you are ready to leave the parking lot, you may scan your parking ticket at either the Pay Station kiosk located inside the baggage claim area or at the Pay Station kiosk outside at the exit gate. Follow the onscreen prompts to make a payment with a credit card and complete your transaction. If you choose to use the Pay Station kiosk inside the baggage claim area, you have 20 minutes to exit the parking lot.

Please take your ticket to the exit lane as you will need to scan your parking ticket again to raise the parking arm and exit the lot.  It is important to note cash payments are accepted only at the inside Pay Station at baggage claim.

A lost-ticket fee will be imposed if you lose your parking ticket. Please keep track of your ticket at all times. All major credit cards are accepted. Payment instructions will appear on the screen after scanning your ticket including the ability to obtain a receipt.

20220411 125444

Parking Rates

Short Term

Up to 4 hours is FREE

Long Term

$7 per calendar day*

Annual Permit

Please contact Airport Administration for more information.

*Please note: this rate is charged per calendar day, not per 24-hour period. This rate will be applied to any vehicle parking in the lot more than 4 hours per calendar day.

Dead battery or flat tire upon returning to your car after your trip? Please inquire with an airport terminal employee as limited assistance is provided to those experiencing unforeseen maintenance issues. Similarly, if you require an escort to your vehicle, please reach out to an airport terminal employee for assistance.