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Rhinelander Flying Service

Rhinelander Flying Service & Air Direct Charter Service

Rhinelander Flying Service, Inc. is a full service FBO (fixed-base operator) and provides a variety of services, including:Rhinelander Flying Service, Inc. building

  • Fueling Services -
    sale of aviation fuel, piston aircraft fuel (100LL) and turbine aircraft fuel (Jet-A)
  • Hangar Services -
    aircraft storage (public and private), hangar space available for rent (see ad at bottom of page), heated hangar space and de-icing available
  • Aircraft Maintenance -
    on-site full service, general aircraft maintenance/repair/service, line services for general aviation aircraft, sale of aircraft parts, scheduled air carrier services
  • Flight Instruction -
    pilot training, aircraft rental, scenic rides, aerial photography
  • Additional Services -
    courtesy car (for flight crew use)
Rhinelander Flying Service, Inc. Hangar
Rhinelander Flying Service, Inc. Maintenance
Rhinelander Flying Service, Inc. Lobby